Handle build phase errors in Flutter

Md Didarul
2 min readSep 8, 2022


We often face errors while building widgets in flutter. Build phase errors can occur for various reasons.

When a widget throws while building, flutter shows an Error screen with Red background in debug mode. In release mode, it just presents an empty screen with grey background.

Left: Error In Debug Mode and Right: Error in Release Mode

As a user, I would not like this.

Have you ever thought of showing a relevant error screen instead of this?

To replace the default error UI, pass a widget for ErrorWidget.builder like this

ErrorWidget.builder will be called whenever an error occurred while building a widget.

It’s a static builder and you can supply a value from anywhere.

A suitable place is the builder function of MaterialApp.

The builder function will be called every time a widget is going to build. We can check here if the widget is building is a Screen or not. If it is a Scaffold or a Navigator, we can assume it is a screen and thus can supply a suitable error screen.


Note: We should not write this much code inside the builder. It’s written here for demonstration purpose.

Thank you for reading! 😀 Let me know your feedback in comments.



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